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Merle M. Rasmussen
Merle M. Rasmussen
The author of Top Secret: New World Order, Merle M. Rasmussen wrote the original Top Secret while a student at Iowa State University, after which it was published by TSR in 1980 as the first espionage role-playing game ever made. He is back as the author of the all-new game for the 21st century. Among his well-known works are BSOLO, G4 FILE, MV1, NTX3, P3, RASMUSSEN FILES, SPY’S ADVICE, SQWURM, TS006, TS007, X6, X9, and XSOLO.
Allen Hammack
Allen Hammack
The editor of Top Secret NWO, Allen Hammack was hired by Gary Gygax at TSR in 1978, where he was the editor for the original Top Secret in 1980 as well as The World of Greyhawk. He was co-editor of the original Dungeon Masters Guide and Deities & Demigods. Among his well-known works are Ghost Tower of Inverness, Night of the Black Swords, and Fantastic Treasures.
Jayson Elliot
Jayson Elliot
Jayson Elliot is the president of TSR Games, and the designer / producer behind the new Top Secret: New World Order. After first meeting Merle Rasmussen as a teen in the 1980s, he fulfilled a decades-long dream by bringing Merle in from the cold to create a new espionage game for the 21st century.
James Carpio
James Carpio
James Carpio is the Chief Games Officer for TSR, and the designer of the Lucky 13 game engine created for Top Secret NWO. He is the author of Pulp Era, TSR’s upcoming pulp RPG, the DCC supplement Tales from the Fallen Empire, and has collaborated on many other games over the years.

Artists, writers, editors, and masterminds

A.J. Davenport
A.J. DavenportProject Manager
A.J. is the Project manager for TSR. He began working with us on Gygax Magazine and his contributions for Top Secre​t: NWO included the design layout for the Administrator’s Screen. A.J. also has his YouTube channel where he covers both vintage and current gaming topics.
Cory Gelnett
Cory GelnettIllustrator
Cory “Shonuff” Gelnett is a published artist and comic book illustrator. He Has worked for Arcanum RPG, Basic Fantasy RPG, & Magazine, as well as Published in Seqapunch Anthology. Cory also has credits in the White Queen and the core rule book for Top Secret NWO.
Hanae Ko
Hanae KoIllustrator
Hanae Ko is a concept artist and illustrator who has done work for WNYC, Gygax Magazine, and an upcoming YA novel slated for release this year. Her work can be found in both The White Queen and the core rules for Top Secret NWO.
Jay Libby
Jay LibbyWriter, consultant
Jay Libby is a jack of all trades. Co-owner of Dilly Green Bean Games, Jay also works with great companies like R. Talsorian Games, Fireside Creations, Elder God Publishing and TSR. He’s an artist, designer, educator and writer. Jay is known for his superhero RPG ‘G-Core’.
Mary Lindholm
Mary LindholmEditor
Jenny Meara
Jenny MearaPhotography
Chad Parish
Chad ParishWriter
Chad Parish is a writer and podcaster for TSR. His work includes the introductory mission, The White Queen, the TS:NWO core rules and hosting duty on TSR’s popular podcast, Game School. Chad is the co-founder of the Dead Games Society along with hosting the Dead Games Society Podcast.
Satine Phoenix
Satine PhoenixIllustrator
Satine Phoenix is Co-Creator of Maze Arcana, and host of GM Tips on Geek & Sundry.
She can be found on Twitch with Sirens of the Realms, Inkwell Society, and more. Satine’s illustration and artwork can be found many places including, her New Praetorians comic, and her book The Action Heroine’s Journey.
Chandra Reyer
Chandra ReyerDirector of Community
Chandra Reyer is the editor-in-chief of and social media moderator for TSR Games. When not moderating, she is a freelance artist from the Twin Cities and one of the founders of the Shieldmaidens, an all-female D&D group. She’s been an RPG player since age 12. She can be found at
Jen Sadler
Jen SadlerEditor
Jen Sadler has been a writer and editor since 1996 when she was hired by West End Games straight out of college. Since then she’s worked for a myriad of companies and been involved with hundreds of writing and gaming projects despite involvement with kids, animals, and medieval reenactment.
Kris Stout
Kris StoutIllustrator