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Would you like to write missions for Top Secret: New World Order™, either as an author published by Solarian™, or as a publisher of your own work?


To be published by Solarian, you can apply to be a module writer through our Black Ops Mission Program. In order to apply, submit the following materials to hello@solariangames.com:
1) A short (100–300 word) synopsis of your proposed mission module, along with a working title. [Required] 2) A sample of your writing, such as articles, stories, blog posts, etc. [Required] 3) If your work has been published, a list of writing credits, and/or anything else you feel would be relevant in showcasing your skills. [Optional]
If your submission is accepted, a contract and schedule will be provided for your approval. From there you will move on to writing the mission. Finished mission modules are expected to be roughly 12–15,000 words in length, so don’t try to write out the entire mission module before you receive a contract!
We will read all submissions within 30 days of reception, and let you know if we’re interested in publishing your module. Please limit entries to one mission module per submission, and avoid sending work that has been published elsewhere (in print or online).
We are always looking for new writers, so don’t hesitate to send us your submissions!


Would you like to publish your own materials & missions for Top Secret NWO? If we approve your work as an officially licensed product, we’ll promote it on our websites and social media as well.
Download our Mission Template for more details. Licenses to publish third-party material for Top Secret NWO will always be free of charge.
Top Secret NWO Mission Template

The first version of the writers’ guideline document is available below. This version does not yet include detailed setting information about the Top Secret NWO world; that will be included in Revision 1.2.

Download the writers’ guidelines here.

The current version of the writers’ guidelines is Revision 1.1