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Free PDF downloads

The box set for Top Secret: New World Order includes these player aids along with the rulebook, mission module, dice, and more. If you own the PDF version, or just want to print extra sheets for personal use, you can download character sheets, player mats, vehicle cards, and the game master screen for free in PDF form.

Agent dossiers

This is the character sheet for your agent. The box set includes a tablet with 20 full-color, two-sided agent dossiers.

Agent Dossier

Vehicle cards

Use these cards to keep track of your vehicle’s stats and speed. Nine cards are included in the box, for various types of cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Vehicle cards for Top Secret NWO

Player aid – dice mats

These dice mats are an optional player aid to help you keep track of the dice you’ll need to roll for tradecraft tasks and combat in-game.

Player aid - dice mat for Top Secret NWO

Administrators Screen

The box set includes a heavy three-panel game masters screen with the most common rules and references you’ll need as the Administrator.

Administrators screen - Top Secret NWO

Top Secret: First Briefing

These quick-start rules are being prepared for release as a box set, with a one-page rule sheet, asset cards, introductory quick missions, and game mats. While the box set is in development, you can download the quick start “First Briefing” rules as a free PDF.

Final text is subject to change as this is play-tested. Send your thoughts and comments to jayson@tsrgames.com

Download here:

Quick-start rules

Player mat

One-page mission: Abduction

Coming soon

The Durand Line by Douglas Niles

The Durand Line by Douglas Niles

A new mission from the creator of Top Secret/SI

Other mission modules coming soon:

Forged With Fire by Aaron Rosenberg

The Drop by Merle M. Rasmussen

Kompromat by Jayson Elliot

To See the Elephant by Paul Riegel-Green

Upcoming Top Secret NWO expansions:

HACKNOIA by Merle M. Rasmussen & Jolly Blackburn

An irreverent Top Secret NWO expansion based on the game first seen in Knights of the Dinner Table

Available now

Top Secret NWO box

Top Secret: New World Order is available now as a boxed set, including a 120 page rulebook, 3-panel administrator’s screen, player mats, agent dossiers, punch-outs, vehicle sheets, dice, and the introductory mission module The White Queen

Top Secret NWO box contents
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Third party products for Top Secret: New World Order

Operation: Deep Freeze

Operation: Deep Freeze

Available now

Operation: Deep Freeze is a Top Secret: New World Order mission by Ellena Landara & Ben Burns. It also includes the second follow-up adventure Operation: Thunderclap. Two modules for the price of one!

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Operation: Deep Freeze

Arctic Blast

Pre-order for Jan/Feb 2019

Arctic Blast is written by Gary Van Binsbergen, cover art by Evgeny Maloshenkov, interior artwork by Alvaro Nebot and cartography by Brian G. McWhirter.

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The espionage role-playing game

Top Secret: New World Order is an all-new role-playing game by Merle M. Rasmussen, creator of the world’s first espionage role-playing game in 1980.

Together with his original editor Allen Hammack, and a design team including James Carpio, Jayson Elliot, Chad Parish, and A.J. Davenport, they have brought the classic game into the 21st century, with a completely new rule system for fast action, easy playability, and gritty realism.

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Top Secret: New World Order is available now as a complete boxed set

Top Secret: New World Order box set
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